Meadow mixtures for different soil types

EM4 Meadow mixture for clay soils is composed of species that are adapted to growing on soils with a high clay content. Clay soils are generally mildly acid to neutral, prone to waterlogging, sticky and heavy when wet and hard to crumble when dry.

EM5 Meadow mixture for loam soils. Loamy soils are medium textured soils, a mixture of clay, silt and sand with none predominating. They are usually found in low lying areas developed from alluvium and other material, frequently over chalky or limestone bedrocks and so are often neutral to alkaline.

EM6 Meadow mixture for chalk and limestone soils. This rich mixture is suitable for sowing onto thin lime-rich soils of low fertility and with a significant chalk or limestone content.

EM7 Meadow mixture for sandy soils. Sandy soils can vary considerably in pH, humus content, fertility and structure but are usually infertile, well drained and prone to drought. EM7 contains wild flowers and grasses that are deep rooting and tolerant of drought.

EM8 contains species suitable for seasonally wet soils and is based on the vegetation of traditional water meadows. Soils in wet meadows may flood for short periods in winter, but are usually well drained in summer.


SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
EM4 Meadow Mixture for Clay Soils £5,508.00 £612.00 £68.00 £12.00
EM5 Meadow Mixture for Loamy Soils £5,364.00 £594.00 £66.00 £12.00
EM6 Meadow Mixture for Chalk and Limestone Soils £6,318.00 £702.00 £78.00 £12.00
EM7 Meadow Mixture for Sandy Soils £5,832.00 £648.00 £72.00 £12.00
EM8 Meadow mixture for wetlands £6,156.00 £684.00 £76.00 £12.00
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