Grazing mixtures

The three grazing mixtures we offer are based on descriptions taken from Victorian seed merchants' catalogues. Traditional grazing mixtures contain a much wider range of grasses and herbs than modern ley mixtures, making them ideally suited to low input extensive grazing systems and for ‘amenity grazing' such as in country parks and pony paddocks.

These mixtures work by using a blend of plant species with complementary characteristics. This produces a more stable balanced sward which is more adaptable to changes in weather and soil conditions.

Modern ley mixtures' by contrast, rely heavily on just one species: Ryegrass.  It which is potentially high yielding but only responds well whilst growing conditions and grassland management are optimal. Ryegrass requires both regular inputs of nitrogen and good rainfall to perform. Other grasses are hardier and less demanding. Cocksfoot is deep rooted and can grow well in drier conditions. Meadow fescue and timothy are useful in cold, wet soils.

The legumes in the mixtures will fix nitrogen, feeding the grass naturally. Herbs and legumes also make the grazing more palatable, with a higher protein and mineral content than a pure grass ley. These more diverse grazing mixtures offer livestock a healthy balanced mixed diet. As a consequence the risks of dietary problems which can arise from over consumption of particular plant, such as bloat, laminitus or excess oestrogen, are largely mitigated.

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EG26 Standard Old Fashioned Grazing Mixture £750.00 £84.00 £12.00 £5.00
EG27 Special Old Fashioned Grazing Mixture £980.00 £112.00 £14.00 £5.00
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