General purpose meadow mixtures

These general purpose meadow mixtures contain perennial species for creating permanent flower rich meadows and grassland over a range of soil types and conditions. They vary in the range of species each contains and cost.

EM1 basic meadow mix contains a simple selection of easily established species ideal for general landscaping applications such as road verges.

EM2 standard meadow mix contains the core meadow wild flower species which grow across a wide range of soils, and is a good foundation mix for landscaping and habitat creation.

EM3 Special meadow mix contains the widest range of species. It may be used to create a very diverse sward where conditions vary across a site. It is also useful in situations where precise soil and site characteristics have not been established before sowing.

All three mixtures include the same grasses : EG1, a simple combination of low growing grasses that produces a short, low maintenance, open ‘flower-friendly’ sward which is ideal for landscape applications.


SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
EM1 Basic General Purpose Meadow Mixture £2,880.00 £306.00 £36.00 £5.00
EM2 Standard General Purpose Meadow Mixture £3,400.00 £360.00 £40.00 £5.00
EM3 Special General Purpose Meadow Mixture £3,872.00 £396.00 £44.00 £6.00
Meadow and Grassland