Farmland stewardship mixtures

The composition of these mixtures is based on over 30 years of experience in wild seed production and collaborative trials work on farmland. The result is a range of mixtures that will deliver cost effective biodiversity over a wide range of farmland situations and can be used to meet the objectives of Environmental Stewardship.

The mixtures we recommend for farmland are presented with the grasses and the wild flowers in separate mixtures: this gives complete flexibility to mix and match to the objectives and budget of each scheme.


The ESG mixtures contain the grasses required to provide ground cover and structure to sown vegetation.  They can be sown alone or used as the foundation to which wild flower seeds are added to deliver enhanced species diversity and environmental benefit.

ESG1 and ESG2 are the best companion mixtures for sowing with wild flower seed.  They contain finer grasses suitable for creating flower-rich margins and plots. They can also be used to sow buffer strips, margins and field corners.


ESG3 is particularly useful for creating grassland of mixed structure for low input grazing. It can be used for sowing grass margins and buffer strips

ESG4 contains tussocky grasses which are ideal for beetle-banks and rough margins.

n.b. For reasons of cost and availability these stewardship grass mixtures contain native species but of certified varieties (not wild origin as with the flowers).

Wild flowers

Without a good range of wild flowers a scheme cannot deliver its full environmental potential of either plant biodiversity, or the range of insects and other wildlife that depend upon them.

ESF mixtures contain flower species which can deliver this potential over a wide range of soil types and situations either:

  • To create species rich grassland: Sown in combination with a suitable grass mixture like ESG2, on to a clean seedbed.


Sowing rates

ESG grass mixtures are usually applied at 20kg/ha to provide ground cover.

The suggested sowing rate of wild flowers is 2kg/ha but this can be adjusted to give a more dense or diluted result to suit objectives and budget.

These mixtures may be extended further with mixtures or species chosen from our main product range.



SKU Name £/100kg £/10kg £/1kg £/100g
ESF1 Meadow Flowers £11,375.00 £1,175.00 £125.00 £14.00
ESF2 Wild Pollen and Nectar Flowers - - - -
ESF3 Legume pollen and nectar Flower mix £840.00 £96.00 £12.00 £5.00
ESG1 Basic Fine Grass Mixture £465.00 £55.00 £10.00 £5.00
ESG2 Fine Grassland Mixture £600.00 £72.00 £12.00 £5.00
ESG3 Meadowland Grass Mixture £600.00 £72.00 £12.00 £5.00
ESG4 Tussock Grass Mixture £555.00 £65.00 £10.00 £5.00
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