Mixtures and Sowing Rates

The standard rate for sowing meadow mixtures in a garden, or a landscaping situation, is 4g/m2. This rate should not be exceeded, but may be reduced when sowing on farmland and over large areas. In such situations, and where conditions are good, 2g/m2 is usually adequate. The rate may be reduced further to 1g/m2. This low rate creates an open structure, allowing for natural colonisation by other species. An application rate of 1g/m2 equates to approximately 1,000 seeds/m2.
If resources are limited it is better to sow at a low rate on a larger area than at a standard rate on a small area. The standard rate gives quicker establishment of full ground cover, but after 10-20 years there may be little observable difference between sowing rates of 4g/m2, 2g/m2 and 1g/m2.