70 Yellow rattle sowing days left until Christmas!

Yellow rattle is a useful addition to any wild flower meadow. As well as being an attractive plant, and good for bees, it is parasitic on grasses and can help maintain balance. Autumn is the time to sow it

In our experience if you sow Yellow rattle seed before Christmas it will germinate successfully in the following spring.


This is because Yellow Rattle seed requires at least eight weeks of exposure to chilling in the soil through winter to break seed dormancy.  Once dormancy has broken the seed is synchronised to germinate when the soil warms up in late February /early March.

Sowing seed at the right time and getting it to germinate in the spring is however only the first step towards getting plants established in meadows and grassland.

Young seedlings will need to find space in which to grow, and will struggle if there is too much competition from surrounding grass. (more)

Autumn Harrow

If your grass in your meadow is still dense do harrow or rake to expose bare soil,  and if you get an opportunity keep cutting and grazing back any late autumn or winter growth. (more on sowing seed in existing grassland)


Posted on 25 October 2019,
Category: Advice