Orchard grassland management & Practical scything workshop

Orchards old and new offer a particularly varied mosaic of vegetation and habitat structures with elements of managed and rough grassland, mature trees, shrubs and hedgerow boundaries. This workshop will focus on practical management of the ground vegetation component of orchards to maximise their potential for wildlife and biodiversity'.

Wednesday 3rd July 2019. Emorsgate Seeds, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.


Scythe in orchard

This is a ‘hands-on' event with scythes. Participants will be taught basic practical mowing and blade sharpening skills needed to use a scythe effectively and safely.

We will also focus on how scythe use promotes flexible and practical grassland management strategies which are essential for maximising the wildlife potential of meadows and grassland.

This event will take place on Emorsgate's seed farm on the Norfolk/Lincolnshire border and mowing in our orchard planted planted with heritage apple varieties from the EEAOP (East of England Apples and Orchard Project) 15 years ago.

Scythes will be available to borrow or purchase on the day.

Price: £60


Posted on 26 March 2019,
Category: Events

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