Winter Talks

To help alleviate the winter gloom Richard and Donald are each presenting a talk looking forward to spring and summer when wild flowers will once again brighten up our countryside and gardens.

Donald is giving a presentation in Bath describing the rare and interesting wild flowers found in the countryside around Bath where we farm. This is a botanically rich and interesting area with limestone soils from which we collect many of our wild flower seed stocks, including our St Catherine seed mix.

Richard will be talking about working with nature and introducing wild plants into gardens for pleasure and to maximise biodiversity and wildlife benefits. In the context of ‘working with nature' he will focus on following nature's designs by creating natural plant communities such as wild flower meadows. He will also discuss the ongoing maintenance essential for meadows and how scythes can be the key to success in this endeavour.

Talk: The rare wild flowers of St Catherine, Charmydown and Swainswick Valley

Wed January 17th, 7.30pm

Speaker: Donald MacIntyre

Batheaston Garden Group

Venue: Hall, Church of the Good Shepherd, 2 Lower Northend, Batheaston, Bath BA1 7EN



Talk: Wild flower and meadow gardening for pleasure and wildlife

Cornfield annuals after 10 years

XXXX Wednesday 28th February 2018 7.30pm XXX


Wednesday 25th April 2018

Speaker: Richard Brown

Kings Cliffe Gardeners' Association

Venue: Kings Cliffe Active, Kingsmead, Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire PE8 6YH.



Posted on 09 January 2018,
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