Sow in snow?

With the country turning white with snow and ice there can be no doubt that Autumn has turned to winter. Nonetheless a significant number of people are contacting us to ask if it is still OK to sow wild flower seeds!

For a few species like yellow rattle that need pre-chilling before they grow the answer is YES.

Rhinanthus sow on snow

For yellow rattle it would be quite in order to scatter its seeds now onto snow.

You will at least be able to easily see where you have sown and the seeds will reach the soil when the snow melts.

In our experience provided you sow Yellow rattle seed before Christmas it will germinate successfully in the following spring.

For most seed however sowing seeds at this time of year is a gamble. Winter sowings can work, but if the soil becomes both waterlogged and cold then failures are likely.

If in doubt store your seed safely in a cool dry location and wait until spring.


Posted on 01 December 2017,
Category: News