The ancient art of rake making

John and Graeme Rudd make the traditional wooden rakes we sell.  They have been featured in the current November edition of Gardens illustrated together with the type of gorgeous evocative photographs one associates with that publication.

Rudds Rake Stone barn

The Rudd family have been making rakes in their workshop in Cumbria for generations to the same high quality. As John says in the article "There is little difference in the look of the rakes to those my grandfather made".  Whilst their rakes are beautiful, and could be described as art (and indeed a few of our customers have bought them simply to hang as rustic ornaments), they are really designed and made for function; a Rudd's rake needs to be used and handled to be properly appreciated.

The Rudd family are the last remaining rake makers in Britain.  They have achieved this by refining their production methods introducing some mechanisation to produce the rakes as efficiently as possible.  Their no-frills production follows this long established pattern using only quality wood, it wastes nothing on fancy design or finishes. The result us a strong practical rake perfectly fit for purpose and at a remarkably reasonable price given the level of craftsmanship.

Rudd demon dentist

One final observation.  Some customers have said to me "well of course the rakes are not really made in the romantic old barn setting depicted in the magazine are they?"  To which I can answer yes they are , having visited the workshop myself and taken the photos on this page.



Posted on 14 November 2016,
Category: News