Emorsgate are participating in a number of training events again this year.

If you have created a meadow, or planning on sowing one but are not sure how to manage it these courses and events could offer you the knowledge you need for success.

Flora locale course: Grassland management, restoration and creation under Higher Level Stewardship

Thursday 4th July 2013. Donald MacIntyre, Bath, Somerset.

Based on our farm on the edge of the cotswolds this field based course will look at the options under HLS for maintaining, restoring and creating wild grasslands. There will be an opportunity to see some good examples of unimproved limestone grassland and to discuss methods for maintaining these grasslands. We will also see examples of semi-improved fields that have been restored by over-seeding with brush harvested seed at intervals since 1997, and how, after 8-10 years, the restored examples have become equal to comparable examples of unimproved grassland. There will be an opportunity to see a wide range of species and grassland types, and the differing techniques that may be used to maintain, restore and create these grasslands, with discussion of the science behind the methods, and how this fits in with running a commercial farm.

This field based day is part of the flora locale training programme.

Fee £100 / £75 concessions - to book contact floralocale

Scything and grassland management courses

With the right training in scythe use and sharpening a good scythe is a surprisingly economical and efficient tool for mowing small to modest areas of grassland.

Wimpole Scything

Scything is also a cheaper and more productive way of getting fit as compared with a visit to the Gym! To participate in these events you do not need previous experience with a scythe - in fact if, like many before, you have tried and failed with a blunt old implement you are advised to take this opportunity to put this experience behind you!

Flora locale course: Practical scything & grassland management

Wednesday 03 July 2013. Emorsgate Seeds,Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Learn the basic practical mowing and blade sharpening skills needed to use a scythe effectively and safely.

Look at how the historical role scythe use had in fostering plant biodiversity can be translated into flexible and practical grassland management strategies for maximising the wildlife potential of sown meadows.

See a variety of petrol ‘strimmers’ and tractor mowers and compare the advantages for jobs of different sizes and circumstances.

This event offers a hands-on engagement with the sown wild flower meadows around Emorsgate’s seed farm. Scythes will be available to borrow or purchase on the day.

This course is part of the flora locale training programme.

Fee £100 / £75 concessions - to book contact floralocale


Scything & Smallholders Weekend

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June, 2013. Wimpole Hall, Cambs. (National Trust)

An opportunity for a day out, to learn about wildflowers, managing meadows and scything, and to seek expert advice from Simon Damant (National Trust) and Richard Brown (Emorsgate Seeds) and others.

The weekend also includes many practical rural craft demonstrations: Pole Lathers, blacksmiths, hurdle makers, wood carver, funiture maker, various green woodworking and sheep shearing. The weekend culminates with the 5th Eastern Counties Scything Competition on Sunday afternoon (open to all abilities!).

Saturday 29 June - Scything course for beginners and improvers

If you are looking to develop your knowledge of meadow management and proper use of a scythe this course will provide you with the essential skills you need to take home and put into practice.

Price:  £60

For more information or book see or contact


The Scythe Festival and South Somerset Green Fair

8th & 9th June 2013, Muchelney, Near Langport, Somerset

On Saturday 8th June there will be scything and haymaking courses and workshops for both beginners and for mowers with some experience. The courses are lead by Simon Fairlie with contributions from others including Richard Brown from Emorsgate Seeds. On Sunday, which is the festival proper, there will be a wider range of events including scything competitions.

see for details


Scything demonstration

Saturday 20th July 2013. Oxborough Hall (NT), Norfolk

Richard Brown from Emorsgate seeds will be giving talks and demonstrations on scything and meadow managment from 11am - 3pm in the walled garden at Oxborough hall. He wll be available to give advice, so come along if you need help with either wildflower management or scythes.

Advice and talks free but normal NT entry fees apply.


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