Flowering lawns - give your mower a holiday!

Garden designer Dan Pearson in an article in the Observer (13th June 2010 ), advocated a greener and more relaxed approach to lawns in gardens. "Lawns are high maintenance and if you choose to aspire to a weed-free and moss-free sward, you will have to employ a considerable gambit of chemicals to keep them that way."

In practice for many gardeners this level of effort and chemical inputs is unsustainable: the lawn as a result often falls short of expectation both in function and appearance.

EL1 Flowering Lawn

There are other options for those able to take a more informal approach and to embrace rather than restrict natural diversity. Sown wild flower and grass mixtures mown regularly as a lawn throughout the growing season can become flowery lawns. Each June you will be able give yourself and your lawn mower a holiday to enjoy 6 - 8 weeks of wild flowers.

Emorsgate's mixture EL1 has been specifically developed to create this look, but any of our meadow mixtures can be managed in this way to create areas of short flowery turf, for example along pathways and openings within your meadow.

Dan also offers a useful design tip for areas of informal grass in gardens. He suggests that they should be "made to look more intended with a simple mown edge". "A mown strip will frame and create the tension between the tamed and the untamed."


Posted on 06 June 2012,
Category: Advice

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