A time for sowing

As February turned into March most of us enjoyed the first warm days of spring bringing soil temperatures up and making soils on free draining sites workable.


Now is a good time for sowing seed in the open if your site is ready and a seed bed can be prepared. There is no need to worry about the late cold snaps and frosts we are still due. Wild seeds are hardy and adapted to our climate, and in fact, a short cold spell will often stimulate and prepare seeds to germinate when the soil warms again.

There is however still plenty of time, if your site needs more time for preparation or if you have a heavy or wet soil that may not become workable until April don't rush things. Get everything ready and your seed ordered and you will be able make best use of the first sowing day that comes along.

Spring sowings are usually successful up until the end of April for most locations and all seed mixtures including cornfield annuals. Later sowings are possible for meadow mixtures in wetter regions or in damp spells.

Spring is also good time for sowing under cover.  A wide range of species can be raised in seed trays or pots for planting out later in the season.

Posted on 04 March 2011,
Category: Advice