Spring sowing tips 2010

Don't worry if you still have seed to sow there is still time this spring!

The late arrival of spring this year has meant a delayed start to sowing wild seeds as soils have taken longer to warm up, dry out and become workable.

Keep a close eye on the weather in your region to pick the earliest opportunity for seedbed preparation and sowing. April this year looks to be a typical mix of sunshine followed by April showers. This weather pattern combined with overnight mist and dew means that Spring sowings are safe up until the end of April for most locations and for all seed mixtures including cornfield annuals.

Later sowings are possible for meadow mixtures in wetter regions or in damp spells.

Be prepared: get as much ground preparation done in advance as you can, and order your seed in good time so that you can take advantage of the first seeding opportunity (seed stored in a cool dry location will store safely at least six months - so if for any reason you postpone sowing you can try again in the Autumn).

Ring roll & MG2

Rolling seedbeds in drier conditions to firm the seeds into contact with the soil and connect them by capillary action with moisture below the surface will improve seedling establishment. Don't worry if the rain does not arrive as forecasted straight away after sowing: the seed will last for weeks or months in the soil and will germinate when conditions are suitable again.

Spring is also good time for sowing under cover. A wide range of species can be raised in seed trays or pots for planting out later in the season

Posted on 10 April 2010,
Category: Advice