How to get cornfield annual plots to flower again in 2010 - new video

2009 Cornfield annual sowings of EC1 and EC2 mixtures have given bright and colourful display of poppies, cornflowers and corn chamomile in many gardens this summer.  It is an experience many people wish to repeat in 2010.


Annual wildflowers will come back from self-sown seed each summer provided they are given the right encouragement.

For each of the last eight years I have successfully regenerated a cornfield annual display in a border in my garden. To share and demonstrate the essential steps I take to achieve this I have produced a short video.

The video shows the preparation and sowing in autumn 2009.  This process can be sucessfully completed in either autumn or spring. (more information)

Posted on 28 October 2009,
Category: Advice

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