Scythe beats Strimmer in mowing contest

At the recent scythe festival held in Somerset Simon Damant from Wimpole Hall (NT) near Cambridge demonstrated that a traditional scythe and muscle power could be more than equal to 21st century fossil fuel powered machines.

With good training and a sharp blade a scythe is still the ideal tool for mowing small to modest meadows. Scything is good exercise for those wishing to build their fitness and is probably no more tiring than operating a heavy noisy and vibrating machine.

RB scything Wimpole

Richard Brown of Emorsgate Seeds took up Scything in 2007 after reading an article in the ENACT conservation magazine by Simon Fairlie of the sytheshop. Initially Richard just wanted to see whether it was possible to cut a sown wild flower meadow with reasonable effort. He soon became a scythe convert and mows his own 3/4 acre meadow each year just for pleasure. Richard also won the Eastern counties scything contest at Wimpole Hall at the end of June mowing a set 5 by 5 metre meadow plot in a time of 3 minutes.


Posted on 07 July 2009,
Category: News