Wild flower & Scythe training events June and July 2009

Are you looking to increase your knowledge to get more from your wild flower sowings, perhaps with some hands on practical tips on sowing and mowing? If so then the events Emorsgate are running or participating in this summer would be of interest to you.

Two of these events have been organised as part of the flora locale training programme which aims to deliver training appropriate to professional as well as private individuals in habitat creation, restoration and management.

There are also opportunities to learn about mowing grassland with a scythe. There has been quite a revival in interest in the use of scythes in recent years lead by Simon Fairlie.


Wildflowers and the enhancement and management of meadows and grassland (a flora locale event)

Friday 26 June,  Wimpole hall, Cambridgeshire

Facilitator: Richard Brown, Emorsgate Seeds and Simon Damant, National Trust.

Ancient and recently created grassland on the National Trust estate of Wimpole Hall will be used as a basis to review the options for using wild flower seed to restore, enhance and create flower rich grassland. The topics will include choosing the right seeds and the importance of seed origin on historically and botanically important sites. Practical aspects of sowing seeds and grassland management will be discussed and demonstrated. Simon Damant, Estate Forester and national scything champion, will demonstrate scything techniques.

To book a place on this course go to www.floralocale.org

Simon Damant is also running a scything course at Wimpole the following day on Saturday 27 June and a scything competition on Sunday 28th www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-wimpolehall

Grassland restoration, management and creation under High Level Stewardship (HLS) (a flora locale event)

Thursday 9 July,  Bath

Facilitator: Donald MacIntyre, Emorsgate Seeds.

Manor Farm extends to around 120 ha and consists predominantly of semi-improved, and unimproved limestone grasslands and neutral grasslands, with additional blocks of ancient woodland. The training day will be field based and will look at the options under HLS for maintaining, restoring and creating wild grasslands, including (for maintenance) grazing, mowing, weed control, and soil fertility; grassland management, overseeding, scarification and using yellow rattle (for restoration); ground preparation, seeding and after-care (grassland creation). Field-scale examples of these options will be seen at various stages up to 14 years after being seeded. There will also will be an opportunity to see the methods used to produce crop grown wild seed, and see a demonstration of brush harvesting. Throughout the day there will be discussion of the science on which the practical demonstrations are based.

To book a place on this course go to www.floralocale.org

The Scythe Festival and South Somerset Green Fair

13th & 14th June 2009, Muchelney, Near Langport, Somerset

On Saturday 13 June, 2009 there will be scything and haymaking courses and workshops for both beginners and for mowers with some experience. The courses are lead by Simon Fairlie with contributions from others including Richard Brown from Emorsgate Seeds. On Sunday, which is the festival proper, there will be a wider range of events including scything competitions.

see www.thescytheshop.co.uk/festival.html for details

With the right training in its use and sharpening a good scythe is a surprisingly economical and efficient tool for mowing small to modest areas of grassland. Scything is also a cheaper and more productive way of getting fit as compared with a visit to the Gym! To participate in these events you do not need previous experience with a scythe - in fact if , like many before, you have tried and failed with a blunt old implement you are advised to take this opportunity to put this experience behind you!


Posted on 18 May 2009,
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