Taming Lush Spring Growth

In our meadows warmer weather combined with April showers has really got the grass growing.

In the more fertile parts of our meadows the lush flush of grass growth threatens to overwhelm Yellow rattle and other herbs.

Fortunately there is just time for one last spring cut to tame this vigour. In our established Norfolk meadow we were able to do this with a rotary mower on 19th April.

Easter mowing

A 70mm high cut was just high enough to miss the majority of the young yellow rattle plants pushing up through the grass (they can recover from minor mowing or grazing damage at this time of year).

easter mowing 2

We were able to reduce the first flush of grass by a half. Low growing areas and areas with cowslips were left uncut.

The end of April is the deadline for closing established meadows to any further late spring grazing or mowing. Sit back and enjoy the unfolding sequence of flowers that will follow over the coming months: the reward for all the effort invested.


Posted on 19 April 2009,
Category: Advice