RHS Grassland Characters

Royal Horticultural Societies latest "hair brained" scheme to introduce children to grassland characters using Emorsgate Seeds.

This half term RHS Wisley are getting children to grow "hair" onto compost filled characters using seeds of different species.

Simon Ackerod of the estate department at RHS Wisley says -"Lots of different grassy guys and girls live together on Wisley lawns to create the perfect home turf: "

Fine Freddie Fescue (Festuca rubra trichophylla, slender creeping red fescue)

Freddie is a bit of a dandy, most commonly found frolicking in our formal lawn areas at Wisley. He's a chap of excellent quality and not one to mix with just any old grass. He won't stand for being walked on, so make sure you treat him with care. Friendly Freddie gets on well with Beautiful Beverley Browntop - they make an excellent partnership.

Beautiful Beverley Browntop (Agrostis capillaris, browntop bent)

Beverley is much admired on formal lawns for her beautiful, fine shape and shiny texture. She's also a great sporting all-rounder and feels at home on the cricket pitch, golf course or the bowling green. She looks good on any occasion! Beautiful Beverley might be high maintenance, but with careful looking after she certainly ages well.

Practical Patrick Poa (Poa pratensis or smooth-stalked meadow grass)

Practical Pat is a great all-rounder and feels equally at home in a city lawn or country pasture. He gets on well with most grasses but is most often found hanging out with Rupert Rye. Pat doesn't mind the cold, but he does prefer a bit of sunshine and hates getting too wet. He's tougher than he looks - a hard-wearing and reliable gent.

Resilient Rupert Rye (Lolium perenne or rye grass)

Rupert is the hard nut of the grass world. He can be a bit of a thug and bully, tending to dominate his neighbours. Often seen on the rugby pitches, but despite his tough exterior, is equally at home on the family lawn.

The Villain - Pesky Pete Poa (Poa annua or annual meadow grass)

Lawn lovers look out for Practical Pat Poa's mischievous brother - Pesky Pete! He might look like a pale and harmless grassy chap but he's really a wicked weed! Pete is as common as muck and can be found getting in the way of the good grasses, spreading his seeds everywhere. He hates hot weather and withers sneakily away, leaving nasty brown patches in lovingly tended lawns. Gardeners beware!

Posted on 28 October 2008,
Category: News