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We are pleased to be able offer once again some outdoor scythe and grassland management courses for small groups. These courses will be based outdoors in open fresh air in meadows full of wild flowers and grasses.

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Sowing deadlines for Spring?

We are often asked to advise on the best time to sow wild flower seed, and what is the latest time in spring you can sow and still expect results.

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Scythers Question Time - SQT

Thursday 15th April 6.30pm - a chance to hear your questions on practical meadow management answered.

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Meadow Demonstration Days June 2021

An opportunity to see the results of 25 years of wild flower grassland restoration and meadow enhancement on Emorsgate's 120ha farm near Bath.

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Equinox - a time to 'spring clean' meadows

Around the spring equinox, as daytime air and soil temperatures rise, meadows begin to wake from their winter slumber. Fresh green grass shoots appear, yellow rattle seedlings get established and cowslip heads start to push upwards.

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Yellow rattle spring watch 2021

Yellow rattle emergence was first observed in our Norfolk meadows on March 16th. Germination was delayed by a week or two from the average year; waiting for soil temperatures to pick up.

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Spring has sprung! - when can we start sowing?

After a long gloomy winter in lockdown we have at last been blessed with some spring-like weather. Even more than usual people are keen to get outside and start moving on with their projects. As a result we are frequently being asked asked the question "how soon can we begin sowing wild flower seeds?"

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Autumn sowing deadlines

The Autumnal combination of warm soils and plenty of moisture in the soil provides ideal conditions for seed germination of both wild flowers and grasses.

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Haytime 2020

Haytime and the mid summer summer hay cut, is the most significant event in a meadow's seasonal calendar.

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At present we are still open for business but the situation may change at any time. If the office does close and we are unable to take orders, we will still be able to create quotes and offer emailed advice but response times may be a little longer.

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Yellow rattle spring watch 2020

Yellow rattle emergence in our Norfolk meadows came through on schedule this year: perfectly synchronised with the meteorological first day of spring on March 1st.

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Scythe and Grassland courses and events 2020

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE. The courses and events listed on this page either are, or likely to be cancelled or postponed as a result of restrictions on movement and social distancing. Anyone who has already booked on a course will be notified in due course and offered a full refund.

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Meadows Demonstration Open Days 2020

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE. The event listed on this page has been cancelled for this summer as a result of restrictions on movement and the need for social distancing.

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70 Yellow rattle sowing days left until Christmas!

Yellow rattle is a useful addition to any wild flower meadow. As well as being an attractive plant, and good for bees, it is parasitic on grasses and can help maintain balance. Autumn is the time to sow it

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Wood meadow management and scything demonstration day Sat 3rd August 2019.

Wood meadows require consistent long-term management of both the grassland and woodland components. This demonstration day at the Woodmeadow trust near York offers a chance to experience something of a wood meadow in action. Richard Brown of Emorsgate Seeds and the Scythe Association, will be available to discuss the management of grassland within wood meadows using a scythe. This will include scythe demonstrations and a chance to have a go with a scythe.

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Spring mowing to reduce grass vigour

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Orchard grassland management & Practical scything workshop

Orchards old and new offer a particularly varied mosaic of vegetation and habitat structures with elements of managed and rough grassland, mature trees, shrubs and hedgerow boundaries. This workshop will focus on practical management of the ground vegetation component of orchards to maximise their potential for wildlife and biodiversity'.

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Yellow rattle spring watch 2019

Yellow rattle emergence in our Norfolk meadows began on schedule at the end of the first week of March. We had wondered whether the record winter temperatures at the end of February might bring germination forward. This does not appear to be the case in Norfolk, but on our farm near Bath germination was first seen 10 days earlier on 27th February.

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With the right training in scythe use and sharpening, a good scythe is a surprisingly economical and efficient tool for mowing small to modest areas of grassland. Here are some courses and events which can help equip you with the skills you need.

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Wild flowers and Rewilding

Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation that is gaining ground across Europe, as well as within the UK. The ethos behind rewilding is to step back to allow ‘nature’ a greater role in managing itself with less human intervention. How might this concept fit with existing ideas of ecological restoration, and with sowing wild flowers?

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