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70 Yellow rattle sowing days left until Christmas!

Yellow rattle is a useful addition to any wild flower meadow. As well as being an attractive plant, and good for bees, it is parasitic on grasses and can help maintain balance. Autumn is the time to sow it

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Autumn sowing deadlines

The Autumnal combination of warm soils and plenty of moisture in the soil provides ideal conditions for seed germination of both wild flowers and grasses.

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Wood meadow management and scything demonstration day Sat 3rd August 2019.

Wood meadows require consistent long-term management of both the grassland and woodland components. This demonstration day at the Woodmeadow trust near York offers a chance to experience something of a wood meadow in action. Richard Brown of Emorsgate Seeds and the Scythe Association, will be available to discuss the management of grassland within wood meadows using a scythe. This will include scythe demonstrations and a chance to have a go with a scythe.

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Haytime 2019

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Spring mowing to reduce grass vigour

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Is it too late to sow seeds this spring?

So far this spring seems to be delivering a typical mix of sunshine, showers and occasional night frosts. Ideal conditions for creating seedbeds and sowing wild flower seeds.

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Orchard grassland management & Practical scything workshop

Orchards old and new offer a particularly varied mosaic of vegetation and habitat structures with elements of managed and rough grassland, mature trees, shrubs and hedgerow boundaries. This workshop will focus on practical management of the ground vegetation component of orchards to maximise their potential for wildlife and biodiversity'.

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Equinox - a time to 'spring clean' meadows

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Meadows Demonstration Open Day

An opportunity to see the results of 25 years of wild flower grassland restoration and meadow enhancement on Emorsgate's 120ha farm near Bath. The day will be hosted by Emorsgate founder Donald MacIntyre who owns and manages the farm. He will be available to share his 40 years experience with, and enthusiasm of, wild flowers and meadows.

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Yellow rattle spring watch 2019

Yellow rattle emergence in our Norfolk meadows began on schedule at the end of the first week of March. We had wondered whether the record winter temperatures at the end of February might bring germination forward. This does not appear to be the case in Norfolk, but on our farm near Bath germination was first seen 10 days earlier on 27th February.

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When to start spring sowing?

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With the right training in scythe use and sharpening, a good scythe is a surprisingly economical and efficient tool for mowing small to modest areas of grassland. Here are some courses and events which can help equip you with the skills you need.

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Wild flowers and Rewilding

Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation that is gaining ground across Europe, as well as within the UK. The ethos behind rewilding is to step back to allow ‘nature’ a greater role in managing itself with less human intervention. How might this concept fit with existing ideas of ecological restoration, and with sowing wild flowers?

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Blue butterflies return after sowing wild flowers

Some threatened blue butterfly species are making a comeback as a direct result of grassland habitat restoration schemes which included sowing seed of key wild flowers.

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Autumn mowing to restore balance.

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Scythe and Grassland Courses and Events 2018

With the right training in scythe use and sharpening a good scythe is a surprisingly economical and efficient tool for mowing small to modest areas of grassland. Here are some courses and events which can help equip you with the skills you need.

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The plight of the solitary bee

Wild solitary bees are probably the most numerous and efficient pollinators of crops and wild plants. Yet compared to the more conspicuous and well known bumblebees and domesticated honey bees they receive very little attention for the work they do: solitary bees largely go about their business un-noticed.

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Yellow Rattle Springwatch 2018

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Horses, wild flower and herb rich meadows, and buttercups

Diverse flower rich grassland offers grazing animals a naturally healthy and balanced mixed diet which is much closer to the ancient natural grassland these animals evolved to eat.

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Winter Talks

To help alleviate the winter gloom Richard and Donald are each presenting a talk looking forward to spring and summer when wild flowers will once again brighten up our countryside and gardens.

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